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Product Description

Hoover UH71250 belt WindTunnel 2 Rewind the whole house is perfect for ceiling from the floor of your home.

This multi-floor brush roll is quite helpful for the best cleaning of your carpets. And can prevent the spread of debris on your hard floor for more effective cleaning.

 Advanced multi-cyclonic technology gives you a constant cleaning experience without any damage,

The hassle-free 25-foot power cord automatically moves in seconds.

So you never have to wrap the cord again. And you can clean up dirt and dust by cleaning up to 16 feet by it. Pet Turbo Equipment Windtunnel 2 Hole House makes rewind great for pet owners. And

It also works well for advanced allergen block technology, HEPA media filters, odor-absorbing carbon.


  • Dimensions   :   13 in L x 13.5 in W x 44.5 in H
  • Cord Length:   25 ft
  • Cleaning Path Width:   13-1/2 in
  • Current Rating:   12 A
  • Filter Type:   HEPA
  • Dirt Cup Capacity:   1.29 L
  • Housing Color:   Blue
  • Includes:    Pet Turbo Tool, Upright Vacuum, Crevice Tool, Pivoting Dusting Tool,


  • Cleaning the multi-floor brush roll allows you to turn the brush roll on carpets for optimal cleaning and stops debris from spreading on hard floors.
  • Reach out to clean up to 16 feet of stretch cleaning so that you can clean up dirt and dust anywhere in your home with our live hose and tools.
  • There is no harm in breastfeeding damage; our advanced multi-cyclonic technology gives you a constant cleaning experience to no breastfeeding.
  • The hassle-free cord rewind automatically removes the 25-foot power cord in seconds, so you don’t have to wrap any more lines.
  • Great for pet allergen block technology, HEPA media filters, odor-absorbing carbon, and pet turbo equipment, WindTunnel 2 makes the whole house an excellent rewind for pet owners.
  • Deep cleaning energy Windtunnel 2 technology creates two deeply embedded dirt removal channels to lift and remove debris from the surface.
  • Our filter to remove pet odor helps eliminate pet odor with an odor-absorbing carbon layer.
  • Clean special pet tools from floor to ceiling to clean the whole house
  • AllergenBlock technology Our HPA media filter captures 97% of pet dander, dust, and pollen particles and prevents them from re-entering the air blocks

Can a vacuum work without a belt?

Next to the motor, your vacuum belt is the essential part of your vacuum. Without a belt to spin the brush roll, most spaces will not rise at all in carpeting! That way, how do I know if my vacuum belt is broken?

If your vacuum suddenly separates and things like this no longer lift, take a look at the bottom of it as you go and see if the brush roller is spinning. If this is not the case, you probably have a broken roller belt. Even if you look too close, a broken belt may be able to flop around you.

Similarly, what does a belt do in the air? The drive shaft or motor pulley rotates the belt, which turns the brush roll and provides the necessary movement to deep clean your carpet. About three months later, the belt stretched, causing the belt to slip into the driveshaft.

Here, how do you fix a vacuum belt?

  • Step 1: Access the vacuum belt and brush roll zone. Vacuum belt replacement step.
  •  Step 2: Remove the brush roller and old belt.
  •  Step 3: Install the new vacuum belt on the motor shaft.
  •  Step 4: Properly install the brush roller with the belt on it.
  •  Step 5: Resubmit the vacuum.
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According to the latest survey in the Consumer Report, steep vacuum cleaners are generally not eligible for fixing after five years and seven years after canister. While some repairs are wise even for the old void, it is provided that rehabilitation should not cost more than half the cost of a relatively new model.

Is it worth getting a vacuum repaired?


On my recharge, I found no problems with this product. So I can say that Hover Vacuum UH71250 Belt Wind Tunnel 2 is best for you. A small person can practice a bit on the carpet to use, especially in a large home. The overall weight can make it a handful to carry above or below.

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