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Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Milk Powder

Take 1 tablespoon of milk powder, 1 tablespoon of honey, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients with ½ tablespoon of almond oil. Apply the mixture on your face and wash after 10-15 minutes. It is an effective home remedy that can take out dryness from the skin.

Rose Water

You can prepare a mixture of rose water, almond oil, honey, olive oil, and finely beaten curd. Apply the mixture to the face and neck. Leave for 15 minutes and massage with light hands. The effective home remedy provides wonders to dry skin.

Remedy for Dry Skin


Water is a basic necessity of every person. It is helpful in keeping out extra toxins from the body. Water keeps the body hydrated and thus provides moisture to the skin. One should drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to get soft and healthy skin. It is one of the simplest remedies for dry skin.

Primrose Oil

You can use primrose oil as it provides moisture to the skin. You can take 300-400 gm of this for about two weeks. This is a great remedy for dry skin.

Natural Treatment for Dry Skin

Naturally, Treat Dry Skin with Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are considered helpful in providing moisture to the skin. Juices are also rich in nutrition and also keep the body and skin fit as well as healthy.

Naturally, Treat Dry Skin with Honey

Mix two tablespoons of honey in two tablespoons of milk. Apply the mixture to your face and neck. Wash after 10 minutes with warm water. The natural treatment for dry skin maintains the moisture over the skin.

Treatment for Dry Skin

Almond Oil

Massage your face with almond oil. You can massage every night before going to bed. You can also use olive oil in place of almond oil. Other parts of the body can also be massaged by this oil as it is the best treatment for dry skin.

Treat Dry Skin with Oatmeal

Oatmeal can be used in baths as a soothing agent. You can pour 2 cups of colloidal oatmeal into a tub of lukewarm water. If the power of colloidal oatmeal is not available, you can use soap that contains oatmeal supplements. It is a good way to treat dry skin.

Dry Skin Cure

Dryness from the skin can’t be permanently cured but it can be softened by using some simple treatments. Some of the things that can be used to soften skin are mentioned below:


Take a ripe banana and rub it over your neck and face. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. It is the best dry skin cure.


Take some apricots. Mash them and mix with warm olive oil to make a fine paste. Apply the paste over your face and wash after 10 minutes. It is helpful in curing problems.

Dry Skin Diet

Diet for dry skin should be consist of vitamin A, vitamin B, and Vitamin E. Leafy vegetables are also helpful in providing moisture to the skin.

Avoidable Things

For cleansing dry skin, the use of tap water should be avoided. Tap water contains detergent that may lead to dry skin. The use of hot water should also be avoided. You should avoid coming in contact with highly alkaline soaps and detergents like washing sodas and powders which contain highly alkaline and drying ingredients.