DIY Flower Pot Decoration | Activity to Invite Freshness

DIY Flower Pot Decoration

DIY flower pot decoration activity to invite freshness. With spring fast approaching, we are beginning to pay more attention to the floral accents that dress our interiors and exteriors with freshness and pure beauty. The neatest corners of the garden do not hesitate to go far beyond simple flowers planted in pots to resort to various decorative techniques—the goal – to personalize and refine these exotic little oases. In the following lines, we will give you more than 50 tips for decorating your garden with a DIY flower pot decoration, original and unusual. Then discover our simple garden decoration ideas with recycling which are super easy to achieve by yourself.

How to paint terracotta pots?

Whether it is inside or outside, a corner of the garden always looks pretty, yet sometimes we could bring it closer to the lack of a personalizing touch. Fortunately, a few simple patterns drawn in acrylic paint are more than enough to break the uniformity! And if you are afraid of too sophisticated designs, stick a few strips of masking tape to make geometric shapes, draw a felt-tip pen on the outside or repaint the edge of the flowerpot in a different color. Techniques there are not one or two! Here are some interesting ideas about lotus drawing.

· If you would like to brighten up your white flowerpots, nothing could be easier than repainting them with a few colored lines in acrylic paint, as in the tutorial below.

To feature a geometric pattern, the technique is not too complicated either. It suffices to arrange the masking tape to form a geometric shape and then repaint the isolated place with acrylic paint. Let dry and remove the bands to admire the nice result.

For a vintage touch, you could even consider the aging technique. To achieve it, all you have to do is repaint your cans with white paint, but without abundantly covering the entire surface of the pot. How to do it? After washing your cover in color, clean off the extra on a cloth and apply horizontal strokes to create a patinated effect, without fear of letting the color of the support show through. For an extra touch of old, do not hesitate to attach a vintage sticker using varnish glue and end up painting again with white on top.

How to customize flower pots?

DIY flower pot decoration activity to invite freshness

Repainting your flowerpots is one of the most popular ideas for personalizing them, and yet, it is far from the only one. You could, for example, think of “making shine” your flowerpots by applying bits of gold leaf; decorate with a few colored buttons, seashells, or any other reclaimed object suitable for such use. The techniques of decoupage and decopatch, in addition, allow you to completely revamp your flower pots with pretty designs that you would think were handmade.

If you’re a little scared to jump straight into the art of decoupage, you could also try its tissue paper alternative. In the specific case, triangles of colored tissue paper were cut out and fixed with varnish glue.

Decoration with gold leaf is another technique that guarantees a sublime result. All you will need to achieve is a brush, glue varnish that you will need to apply to the support and, of course – gold leaf. The technique, meanwhile, is very simple and consists of attaching ends of the leaf to the outside of the pot to create the marble effect that you see in the last photo of this tutorial. A new coat of glue on top, and voila!

How to recycle flower pots?

Be aware, however, that beyond the techniques of customizing a flowerpot, you could also think of upcycling ideas, allowing you to recover them and use them for other equally creative purposes. The flower pot would make, for example, an excellent candle holder, a pencil pot, or makeup storage. A large flower pot could also become a serving table to place in your outdoor seating area. And yet, another interesting recycling possibility is to transform the flower pot into a sort of original DIY gift box, which could accommodate a surprise Mother’s Day gift, for example. Great, no!

How to make snowmen out of flower pots?

The garden being the natural habitat of flower pots, the do-it-yourself garden decoration often becomes an opportunity to make some pretty decorations with flower pots. For example, the mini fairy gardens in terracotta pots and the men in earthen pots are very easy to make just with a few pots, rope, and paint for outdoors. To show you how exactly to do this, find a detailed tutorial below.

Materials needed:

  • 2 flower pots 20 cm in diameter
  • 4 flower pots 10 cm in diameter
  • Acrylic paint for DIY
  • Varnish
  • Strong glue
  • 2 pieces of white rope (one meter each)
  • Brush
  • Scissors


1. Start by repainting the flowerpots. Use different colors to repaint the 4 small pots, which will serve as arms and legs, and the 2 large pots, which will constitute the body. If needed, practice the next coat of color. After allowing to dry, treat with varnish. Include facial features on one of the large jars, drawing inspiration from the comics.

2. Take one of the 4 pots of 10 cm in diameter (your first arm) and put it upside down. Then, pass the first piece of rope through the drainage hole. Tie off the end of the rope, which would be inside the pot, making sure the knot is wider than the drainage hole. Pull the other end up.

3. Now, pass this second end through the drainage hole of one of the large pots (the one that will represent the lower part of the body) so that it goes inside the pot.

4. Take the edge of the string, which is now at the bottom of the large inverted pot (the lower part of the body) and pass it through the drainage hole of another small pot still placed upside down (to make the first leg). Tie a new knot and sort the rope. You could now put your project on a stand to make the rest of the steps easier to complete.

5. Repeat the same operation on the other side. Finally, use glue to attach the other large pots and fill them with soil to accommodate a pretty flowering plant.

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