Custom Jewelry Boxes Evolution

custom jewelry boxes
custom jewelry boxes

Custom jewelry boxes have been around and in use for centuries. a few centuries ago, these boxes were manufactured as intricate items to store jewelry for men, women, and even children. Metals, wood, and other material were used in manufacturing them. Most times, they were large enough to mount on the walls. However, most individuals prefer the smaller, portable version in custom jewelry boxes now.

There was a time when plastic-made custom jewelry boxes were popular. But as the world started learning about the harmful effects of plastic, people started switching to cardboard-based custom printed jewelry boxes. The customers are pursuing their favorite brands to switch their packaging options to green and clean. Under this pressure, business entities of all sizes are now ordering cardboard-based custom printed jewelry boxes from the packaging and printing companies.

It is vital to realize that jewelry items are considered worthy by humans since the dawn of time. As a result, they have been protected and given importance. Jewelry boxes keep these items safe, prevent their loss, and keep them looking like new. Because of this reason, almost all brands in the jewelry industry are now providing their jewelry items in custom printed jewelry boxes. There is one more reason for using these boxes.

The space on the custom-printed jewelry boxes is ideal for printing information related to the products and their respective brand. These boxes work as portable mini billboards for the company, disseminating information everywhere they go. The brand has realized that packaging boxes will act as their brand ambassador till they perish/ Hence they make creative use of packaging to reach out to more customers. 

Variations in custom jewelry packaging boxes

How the custom jewelry packaging boxes are tailored depends on the preferences of the clients. There are several brands offering jewelry for men and women all over the world. The custom jewelry packaging boxes are customized according to the requirement of the product that needs packaging. Every product has a different packaging style. The bangles and bracelets require versatile packaging boxes than earrings and pendants.

Most brands select boxes that exhibit an impressive display of the products inside. Watches are wrapped around mini cushions to display in window-patched cardboard boxes. These boxes allow the customers to have a lot of the items inside without opening the box. Countless other add-ons are used on custom jewelry packaging boxes, which give them a distinct look. The clients of the printing and packaging companies select these add-ons and finishes according to their preferences. This selection also depends on the themes of their content and campaigns. 

How are jewelry packaging boxes developed?

Clients get in touch with the printing and packaging companies to order their jewelry packaging boxes. The packaging and printing companies ask their clients about;

  1. Weight of item(s)
  2. Dimensions
  3. Shape
  4. Packaging details and requirements
  5. Type of box required
  6. Material selected for boxes
  7. Layout of packaging
  8. Branding campaigns
  9. Advertising objectives
  10. Packaging goals
  11. Marketing aims

The packaging and printing companies work according to the order specification on the cardboard boxes order. It results in accurate jewelry packaging boxes with minimal room for error. Clients can also ask for a prototype from their packaging and printing company. It will help them get a clear idea of the box they have ordered. Most companies are ordering their premium jewelry packaging boxes in cardboard material as well to curb littering and other problems. 

Ordering the best custom jewelry boxes

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