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Creative Gift Ideas

Lots of creative ideas for creating a good gift. Once entered the school system, the child spends more time in the institution than at home, which transforms the faculty into a second family charged with the task responsible for helping the little toddler grow and develop. Full potential. From here, the figure of the schoolmaster and mistress is the first to accompany the child on this long journey towards the adult person that the little ones will one day become. For this reason, at the end of each school year, it is the hunt for the most original end-of-year gift for mistress, therefore the one who shouts: “Thank you, mistress!” And will be able to bring tears to his eyes.

From school supplies being her number one ally, through gourmet surprises, to the box with sunglasses, sunscreen, and flip-flops so essential for the summer. There are so many great ways to surprise your child. Centerpiece and personalized DIY gifts are arguably our favorites. Quite simply, since by making a gift with your own hands, you add precious sentimental value and much more important than that of the simple object itself. To help you stock up on inspiring ideas, below, we give you some suggestions for original and ultra-simple handmade gifts that will leave the mistress speechless, deeply moved, and touched, and landscape drawing.

A “cake” like no other 

Materials and tools needed:

For the base:

  • Pizza pan
  • Spray paint
  • Large ice cream container (round shape)
  • Elastic bands
  • Ribbons
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • A cube of polystyrene (10 cm)
  • A wood stud and stick

School supplies:

  • 4 boxes of pencils
  • 4 wax chalk cases
  • 75 pencil erasers (the ones on the top)
  • 75 pencils
  • 11 bottles of glue
  • 24 colored pencils
  • 10 markers

Step by step realization:

1. First, spray paint (a color, in your opinion) on the pizza pan and let it dry well. Then, coat the edge of your ice cream container with glue, turn it over, and attach it to the pizza pan.

2. Wrap a rubber band around the ice cream bin and start inserting pencils until you get a complete whole.

3. Then, wrap the pencils with another rubber band and, this time put bottles of glue around.

4. Have the styrofoam cube attached to the ice bucket.

5. Then fix, still using glue, the four pencil boxes on the four sides of the cube. Fill each corner with wax chalk. Secure with tape.

6. The place that remained around, occupy colored pencil erasers. Install a dowel in the center of the foam cube.

7. Again, using a rubber band, attach colored pencils all around the stud. Then store the felts around and secure with an additional elastic. Cover all visible rubber bands with ribbons. Finally, you could also think of attaching a lovely printable to it.

A “bouquet” like no other

Lots of creative ideas for creating a good gift

Materials and tools needed:

  • Chocolate candies
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Crepe paper
  • Floral ribbon
  • Hot glue gun, scissors, glue stick

Step by step realization:

1. Start by gluing a candy (by its opening) to each of the lollipop sticks.

2. Next, prepare the crepe paper by first cutting a long strip of crepe paper (about 1 meter). Then, cut along the length of the strip the outlines of a petal.

3. Coat the opposite length of the crepe paper strip with glue, doing everything carefully to avoid damaging the crepe paper.

4. If you don’t mind, you could also cut a few green petals (as green leaves) from the green crepe paper.

5. Starting at the bottom of the candy, attach the adhesive length of the crepe strip to the treat going around it. The result should be a beautiful flower petal.

6. Secure the petal with a strip of duct tape and also tie the green petals. Either way, you could use floral tape for this purpose as well. And so that the lollipop stick comes as close as possible to a flower stalk wrap it in the same way with floral tape.

7. Make a whole bunch of “candy flowers,” and feel free to let your imagination run wild and experiment with the shape of the petals.

Symbolic flower in a pretty personalized pot

Materials and tools needed:

  • Terracotta pots
  • Blue spray paint (or another color)
  • Paint in various colors (to draw a floral pattern)
  • Indelible marker
  • Begonias or other flowers that will please the mistress.

Step by step realization:

1. On a protected surface of the paper, repaint the inside of the terracotta pots in blue color using spray paint. Then turn over and repaint the exterior.

2. Let dry overnight, and then use a permanent marker to mark the words “Thank you for helping me grow” on the rim of the clay pot.

3. Now is the time to ask your children for a helping hand to make the floral pattern. To do this, have the children dip their fingers in the paint and then use the fingerprints to make a petal on the pot’s surface. And to make the stem, use a brush.

4. Finally, plant the flowers in the terracotta pot.

A beauty gift for your relaxing wellness session

  • 3 cups of sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup baby oil
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon of essential oil


1. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave for about 30 seconds or until it reaches a smooth consistency.

2. Mix the sugar, coconut oil, and baby oil.

3. Pour the mixture into small round glass jars.

4. Close with the lid, decorate with a gift tag, ribbon, and add a small stick spatula.

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