Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2021 Review

Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a water-proof, portable speaker with integrated Google Assistant and Alexa, but slim smarts hold it back.

Our Verdict

The Bose Portable Home Speaker enhances the Bose clever speaker range, including adaptability thanks to 12-hour battery life and IPX4 waterproofing, without compromising on audio.

Integrated support for Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa supplies the smarts, alerting that this assimilation doesn’t get as totally featured as on official items or even other third-party opponents.

Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker complete evaluation

Very few individuals can manage a Bose portable Bluetooth speaker, as well as less still, can afford numerous. That’s an issue for a firm that intends to become your default audio portal. It is in that context that the Bose Portable Home Speaker starts to make good sense.

A solitary, premium Bose speaker that you can walk around the house. The Portable Home Speaker may be a supplement for an existing residence audio configuration. Or it can just be your whole residence sound setup: a living room speaker during the day, a bedroom speaker in the evening, and also a yard speaker on those unusual suitable days in the British summer.

There has also been integrated assistance for clever assistants, so you can ask Google Assistant or Alexa to work out arguments about facts from the yard – at least as long as your Wi-Fi stretches that far.

Style and also construct – Best of both globes

If you’ve seen any one of Bose’s speakers range from the last couple of years, the Portable Home Speaker must feel somewhat familiar. Available in silver-white or black, it shares the minimalist aesthetic of the rest of the variety.

The speaker is a simple cylinder, having a strong matt coating for the top half, as well as the speaker grille built right into the slightly rounded reduced half. Near the top, there’s an inflexible knotted textile deal with that can fold down against the back of the body when you set the speaker down or raise when you need to lug it about, and at the bottom is a grippy ring that maintains the speaker stable anywhere you place it.

At 1.06 kg, it’s light sufficient that it fits into carrying about brief distances, but this is most definitely a home speaker – it’s too large to want to load with you when you’re taking a trip unless you take a significant travel suitcase with you.

There’s a USB-C port put subtly right into the back for charging, or you can also acquire the main charging base. Sold individually for ₤ 24.95/$ 29, this is suitable if you’re most likely to primarily leave the speaker in one place yet after that lug it around in other areas from there. Hence, it’s simple to drop it back on the battery charger each time without fussing about with the cord. It’s a customized billing base, though, for referral, so you can not utilize various other cordless battery chargers with it.

You’ll stand up to twelve hrs of mobile use. According to Bose, and that’s in line with what I’ve seen in my testing. That suggests it’s ample for an event or an afternoon in the garden. However, you will not intend to leave it far from its charger for too lengthy.

On the top of the speaker, you’ll locate the controls – which are actual buttons, throwing the unwelcome trend for fiddly touch controls where they have no company being. Everything is up here with each other, which keeps points straightforward if a little messy, with power, Bluetooth, play/pause, quantity controls, a mic-off button, and also a voice assistant trigger, with a light ring that lights up when it turns on.

Considering that you could want to use the speaker outdoors, some good information: it has an IPX4 waterproof rating. That indicates it’ll make it through splashing water, so it’ll be risk-free with rainfall or some moderate spills, yet I would certainly be a bit anxious regarding dropping it in the bath.

Audio as well as efficiency – Strong audio, easy smarts

Sound is unsurprisingly a strong point here. The 360-degree style implies the speaker sounds terrific from any direction, so there’s no need to be fussy concerning exactly how or where you establish it down.

Bose is especially favorable regarding the bass response, with three easy radiators packed in to supply excellent low-end feedback. That is the speaker I’ve listened to at this kind of dimension, though thankfully, for the most part, the bass does not subdue the audio profile. Still, this alters in that instructions.

That won’t quite match Bose’s bigger fixed smart speakers in terms of either quantity or overall sound quality. Still, for a portable initiative that has to cram in a battery as well as waterproofing technology as well, it’s a rather impressive thing.

There’s integrated Wi-Fi, and it’s compatible with both Spotify Connect well as Apple AirPlay 2, so you have lots of options for playing songs inside the house. Take it outside beyond Wi-Fi range, and also, there’s still Bluetooth, obviously, so you’ll continuously have some method of obtaining your sound onto it.

The Bose app offers you some additional controls through your phone and a tablet, including audio, presets, built-in assistance for apps like Spotify or Deezer, and internet radio via TuneIn. It will also let you link it to other Bose audio speakers for multi-room sound, though note that at the time of writing, there’s no assistance for matching 2 Portable Home Speakers with each other as a stereo pair.

That belongs to Bose’s brilliant speaker range, so usually, clever support is consisted of. Right here, it comes in the form of built-in assistance for both the Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa. Both require Wi-Fi to work naturally, yet as long as it gets attached, you can use this as an extra wise speaker within either network.

There are caveats, though, and also, this doesn’t boast the complete functions you might get out of an official Google or Amazon product. Oddities consist of the truth that it does not support Google Play or YouTube Music, so if you utilize either Google music service, you can’t tell Google Assistant to play songs from them.

Even in sustained solutions like Spotify, there is strangeness, like no capability to shuffle your music through the Assistant. Basics like inquiring about the climate or your routine, or regulating various other Google Home tools, are all right here. Yet, it’s frustrating that it’s the musical element of all points where Bose’s firmware support falls short.

Rate as well as value – Not bad for Bose

At ₤ 329.95/$ 349.95, the Portable Home Speaker isn’t inexpensive. However, if you can manage it, then there’s a great deal to advise it, specifically if you spend extra for the ease of the ₤ 25/$ 29 charging cradle.

Any person already in the Bose clever speaker community will undoubtedly welcome an extra speaker for multi-room sound. The choice to bring it out into the garden or away on journeys makes it an attractive option to the Home Speaker 300.


The Bose Portable Home Speaker is a welcome enhancement to the Bose clever speaker array, adding some much-needed versatility to the business’s current environment.

The sound is vital, as well as both battery life and layout excite. I desire the intelligent support was a little much less patchy, and the rate would have liked to see the billing cradle packed in.

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