Best Wireless Speaker Evaluation | Sound Pro Addon C10

Best Wireless Speaker Evaluation
Best Wireless Speaker Evaluation

Our Verdict

The Addon C10 is yet an additional class-leading best wireless speaker from the ever consistent Audio Pro.


  • Rich, powerful performance
  • Expert timing and dynamics
  • Exhaustive feature set


  • Nothing at this price

Sound Pro presently makes some of the very best Bluetooth speakers on the marketplace, and the Addon C10 is another excellent Award-winning version. Connectivity is one of the most complete you can anticipate at the money, with wi-fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, plus aux and RCA inputs. It has all the significant music streaming services, including Spotify, Tidal as well as Qobuz. The Addon C10 appears big and bold yet can catch the subtler, extra nuanced tracks as it is firing out big bassy numbers. Every square inch 2020 What Hi-Fi? Honor victor, a title it likewise stormed away within 2019.

You might most likely save time by skipping this evaluation for the Audio Pro Addon C10 and merely holding our judgment on the Addon C5 closer to your face and reviewing it once again.

Given, this could not be one of the ideal methods to recognize the C10’s better performance in practically every respect. However, it would undoubtedly offer to demonstrate that this is another barnstormer of a wireless speaker from a firm of rare uniformity.


An additional benefit is that it would undoubtedly save our professional photographer some work. Besides, the rear inputs have been a little repositioned. The Addon C10 is a scaled-up version of the smaller sibling.

That acquainted motorist arrangement, featuring the koala layout that has come to be these audio speakers’ distinguishing feature, exists once again. Only this moment, the mid/bass has grown to 13cm from 10cm.

Coupled with a more extensive response port to an 80w and the back electronic class D amplifier, dual that of the Addon C5 implies the Addon C10 can reach an additional 5Hz into those bass regularities– and with a lot more authority also.


Regardless of being a much heavier set, the Addon C10’s connectivity diet regimen is the same as the rest of Audio Pro’s multi-room family members. You may feed it via wi-fi, Bluetooth 4.0, AirPlay, and its physical inputs for aux and RCA.

There’s also the benefit of Spotify Connect, yet we’d be a lot more inclined to make use of the Audio Pro control application, where you’ll be able to set up multi-room centers for all the C-series items.

It’s merely intuitive for a single speaker, supplying easy accessibility to several primary streaming services, including Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz.

It’s also where you’ll have the ability to temper bass and even treble regularities. It’s a primary, two-way control instead of offering complete EQ setups. However, it could be beneficial if the Addon C10’s charitable low-end becomes overpowering or fine-tuning if using its subwoofer-out link.

Audio Pro speakers’ appeal is that they resist the temptation to overcomplicate things– part of the reason many of them have taken home What Hi-Fi? Awards for many years.

While relatively feature-laden, their layout gets geared towards unfettered sonic efficiency, and that is where each surges effortlessly to the top of its class.


Before the Drumfire got here, the Addon C10 was both the biggest-sounding and outright ideal of Audio Pro’s offerings. Already, it’s the performance-per-pound choice of the range.

To start, we play Nils Frahm’s All Melody. The noise range is immediately impressive, digging down right into the low frequencies with an assured mix of heat and punch, however, likewise paying for the discussion and added measurement in regards to layering.

The Addon C5 is a notably fully grown performer, revealing all the specific details from tools. However, even its very own efficiency seems somewhat ahead of this larger’s three-dimensional organization.

Despite its size and also a muscle, the Addon C10 is additionally just as proficient at capturing the subtler. It has much more nuanced efficiencies on this document.

Those even more delicate, piano-led pieces don’t get handled the heavy hand sometimes to anticipate from such an effective wireless speaker. Instead, it uses the additional space and the warmth of that lower end to paint delicate but broad strokes concentrated on dynamics and insight.

With most of these units’ workload most likely to center on vocal-led tracks, it’s lucky that the Addon C10’s talents quickly offer themselves to such performance.

Playing TV On the Radio’s Seeds, audio Pro has again toenailed the mix of mid-range focus, held up once more by that solidity lower down the regularity array, and expression in Tunde Adebimpe’s vocal.

The C10 loop harmonies are without disregarding the detail in the varying vocal timbres that make up a set.

That is likewise an opportunity for the Addon C10 to flaunt its remarkable feeling of timing. The added mass in its discussion does not reduce its footwork, just enabling it a more decisive kick.

Paired with that above-mentioned vibrant array, it does not just keep time splendidly yet has no trouble including catalysts to the leading beats that specify the rhythms.


At some point, Audio Pro’s superiority in the wireless speaker market gets bound to wind down. Still, with each Addon release, that date seems to be additionally off in the future.

Adding multi-room performance to the range was a piece of cake because you can never have enough of these audio speakers in your residence. The Addon C10 is a worthwhile enhancement if you already own some of the Audio Pro toolboxes.

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