Best Hidden GPS Trackers | Monitoring Your Vehicle


Vehicle GPS trackers have ended up being extremely popular nowadays since the advancement of GPS innovation. Understanding your automobile’s whereabouts and having the capability to track it in real-time can offer you comfort for many reasons. GPS trackers won’t just avoid the long-term theft of your vehicle, but they are also an excellent service if you need to keep track of the driving routines of a staff member, your teenage child, or an elderly member of the family.

To assist you in choosing which one to get, we’ll be making an appearance at the best automobile GPS trackers offered for purchasing and offering you a rundown of their functions.

Best Overall


The GL300W is a compact and little GPS tracker that comes with a pre-installed SIM card and can go unnoticed when concealed in your lorry. The real-time tracker can save one year of your tracking history. You will get an alert whenever your car is moving, speeding, or parking. It will also notify you if the device goes off suddenly or when the battery is low.

When the automobile is getting in or leaving the mapped zone, we get impressed that it permits you to customize your routing zone and get direct alerts to your email. It gives minute-by-minute updates for the place of your car, which you can set up to 10- or 30-second periods. In addition, it can cover almost any area in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The battery can last for days, if not weeks, on a single charge.

The tracker doesn’t have a magnet or installing hardware, which can easily get lost if you do not secure it in the glove or a pocket box. It’s also rather pricey, seeing that it’s above $100, and you likewise need to pay monthly service subscriptions around $25.

Best Value

SpyTec GL300

Examine out the Spytec GL300 GPS tracker if you’re on a budget plan but want something that ticks many boxes. You can get area updates from your car via the Spytec app, as well as information like speed, range traveled, and more. Spy tec boasts that their cloud-based service is both dependable and user-friendly, as well as a 99.99 percent uptime. The GPS tracker is small and inconspicuous at an inch thick and 3 inches on its longest side, and the battery lasts two-and-a-half weeks in between charging. In addition, Spytec offers 24/7 assistance and a lifetime service warranty for customers who get an active subscription.

When the car is in a rural location, one complaint about the device is that GPS tracking can end up being wonky. Another is that the plan doesn’t include a SIM card, so you’ll have to purchase one individually.

Best Compact

LandAirSea 54 Magnetic GPS Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 has a tiny footprint & is easily among the smallest GPS trackers readily available in the market. Despite its diminutive measurements, this tracker loads many features that make it worthy of attention. It has a built-in magnet for easy setup, in addition to a problematic, waterproof case to protect the device from anything should you choose to install it under your lorry to keep it maximally hidden from view. Remarkably, this tiny tracker offers extra functions that a person won’t typically find on other trackers in the same cost variety, including path playback, proximity signals, and arrival/departure notices.

One disadvantage to the device is that while the battery lasts a good 4-5 days, you’ll require 12 hours to charge it from absolutely no to complete.

Many Durable

Trak-4 GPS Tracker

Trak-4’s lorry and personal tracker is a bulky, rugged device with a case that’s developed to survive a few scrapes & knocks. Like other vehicle GPS trackers, this one isn’t hard to set up and use as possible. The case features installing tabs, so you can screw the tracker onto a lorry rather than depending on magnets alone.

The tracker gets designed without the need (or schedule) of a dedicated phone app; all settings are manageable using Trak-4’s site. Through the web interface, you may set the live text or email signals and geofencing settings. While it gets tailored towards vehicle usage, the tracker is little enough to fit in a pocket or bag for personal use.

While battery life looks good on paper (approximately 12 to 18 months), this relies heavily on the report interval. Frequent place reporting (around every 15 minutes) diminishes the battery life down to just two or three weeks. Managing the tracker’s settings on a mobile phone is also relatively cumbersome, given that you need to check out the business’s site rather than a native app.

Respectable Mention

Vyncs GPS Tracker

The Vyncs GPS Tracker for Vehicles utilizes an ultra-fast 4G and LTE network to send you real-time updates about your car reliably. In addition to your automobile’s location, the device can likewise send you updates about your automobile’s health, driving history, fuel performance, and more. It can see information from your laptop or a Vyncs mobile app, and the plan consists of an international SIM card that Vyncs ensures will work in 200+ nations.

While Vyncs does not charge month-to-month fees, they charge a one-time activation cost and an annual membership cost that can get canceled anytime. Furthermore, Vyncs provides 24/7 assistance and a lifetime service warranty for consumers with a legitimate subscription.

The GPS tracker does not require to get charged since it links straight to your car’s OBD-II port. Of course, the drawback is that the tracker isn’t hidden from view and is prone to theft.

Honorable Mention

BrickHouse Security Spark Nano 7

Due to its capability to link to 4G LTE, the BrickHouse Security Spark Nano is an excellent option for life-tracking your vehicle. It’s one of the tiniest trackers available, allowing you to track more than just your car. Its rechargeable battery can offer 15 hours of live monitoring or last 15 days on standby mode.

You may set up the device to do constant monitoring or program it to send info at routine intervals to conserve data expenses. It has a geofencing feature that can signal you whenever your vehicle surpasses a predefined limit that you’ve set on a map. The producer claims the device will work throughout North America, Mexico, and Canada.

While the Security Spark Nano is tiny, full of features & ticks most boxes, the battery life is where the device takes a hit.